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BSidesDC 2014

Presenting at BSidesDC was an amazing experience. I feel so lucky that we have our very own local con, and I am extremely grateful to the organizing committee and other volunteers who make this event happen. This is very similar to my DerbyCon talk, however it is 20 minutes longer which gave me time to walk through how to go from finding this vulnerability to exploiting it, including showing the audience how to create a POC SWF.  Also, I released SWF-Server, which will give you everything you need to create your own SWF to exploit this vulnerability. Download the project here:

DerbyCon 4.0 - SWF Seeking Lazy Admin for Cross Domain Action

Abstract: Security misconfiguration is #5 on the OWASP 2013 Top 10. This talk shows how the misconfiguration of one file can compromise the security of an entire web application. In the talk, youll be introduced to the crossdomain.xml file.  This file determines how third party Flash Objects (SWFs) hosted on other domains can interact with your domain. Unfortunately, this file requires manual configuration on the part of the administrator, and as we all know, when manual configuration is required, mistakes happen.Sometimes, administrators give up and whitelist the entire internet in order to "make it work". This is essentially like adding an "accept all" rule on your firewall or setting your password to <blank>.  We will review how to identify the vulnerability, how to abuse it, and how to write your own SWFs that exploit the flaw. Examples of public sites that until recently contained this vulnerability will be provided, including a few from the Alexa