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MythTV Upgrade - Part 2

Configuring lirc (Remote control daemon) Getting the remote control to work has been on my to-do list for as long as I've been using MythTV. Early on I decided to go with a wireless mouse/keyboard combo instead. I have been using the Ione Scorpius P-20 for quite a while and it has served me well. Every 6 months or so I would try to get the remote working, and every time I would fail... until this weekend. I couldn’t have done it without the following two sites: 1) 2) I have a Hauppauge PVR-150 Tuner card which came with the Remote and the IR receiver. I would say my biggest stumbling point along the way was that until this weekend I never knew exactly which remote I had. Apparently the PVR-150 has come with a whole bunch of different remotes over its lifetime. As it turns out, I have a MCE USB2, Version 2, Hauppauge PVR-Kit remote. How I was supposed to know that without luckily

MythTV Upgrade - Part 1

Introduction I've been using MythTV for about 3 years now, both on Fedora Core and also on Ubuntu on my laptop. My first MythTV system was built with A LOT of help from Jarod Wilson's infamous How-To . A few months ago I built two MythTV systems for my family and decided to use MythDora4 . It was so quick and easy that I decided to use MythDora for my own rebuild as well. I should start off by saying that I don’t use MythTV for the PVR functionality. I use it solely as a digital jukebox. I watch TV shows and movies using MythVideo, MythMusic is always a big hit at parties, and occasionally I use MythImage for slideshows. In the past I had all my media files on my WindowsXP box and used cifs to mount the windows shares on my MythTV box. I played music/videos directly through the share and performance was great even with a 10/100 Mbps NIC. For this iteration, I decided to also upgrade to a 1.5TB RAID5 array so that I could start burning all of my DVD's to .ISO files. This wa